Hello from afar
Posted Sunday, July 22, 2012 05:44 AM

Hi Everybody!

It's really great to come online and find familiar names.  Thanks to the ones who set this up.  I wish I could be there for the 40th reunion this year.  I made it to two or three of the earlier ones and loved feeling that swoop of my stomach at finding myself back in high school all over again.  Edmond has really grown and a few of us have changed shapes and sizes, but all the character and warmth were blazing through and it was great to be there.

A few years back, I married a ferner and moved away from the U.S.  Then more recently I had the mixed fortune of coming home for several months at a time to help care for my mother and father.  I spent a lot of time with them at their retirement community on N. Boulevard, where I had a lot of breakfasts and lunches with some of Edmond's oldest and finest.  It was truely a heart-warming experience.  It was also a treat being back in town and with the help of this website, I hope to re-find some of you I've lost track of.