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06/10/12 01:34 PM #1    


David Washington

Welcome to your Edmond High School Message Forum!  The message forum is an ongoing dialogue between classmates.  There are no items, topics, subtopics like in most forums (e.g., User Forums ... which we have as well).
Forums work when people participate - so don't be bashful!  Get on-board and start something!  Click the "Post Response" button to add your entry to the forum.
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06/11/12 11:41 PM #2    

Jana Hill (Pearson)

Thanks David, this is wonderful! I appreciate all you, George, LuAnne, Cindy, Paulette, and everyone else have done to get our 40th together and make it special. I have to admit I'm going to have to pull out my yearbook to brush up on the faces.  Looking forward to Sept!

Jana Hill Pearson

06/13/12 01:30 PM #3    


Mary Bieker (Huckeby)

Great job David!  I love the website.  Everybody needs to upload photos!  I appreciate so much everyone working on the reunion committee!  I'm looking forward to getting reacquainted with old friends!  I am going to the reunion committee meeting tonight if George doesn't cancel it again!  He needs to let me know before I drive the 100 miles to get there! Tee Hee!

06/15/12 09:14 AM #4    


Cynthia (Cindy) Smith (Powell)

Again Dave web-site is just great! Looking forward to reunion & being able to keep in touch with everyone on this site!

06/16/12 09:50 PM #5    


George Moore

Hey Girls, quit giving David the big head about the website, he will want me to give him a raise or promotion,  haha.. JK , if it weren't for him and Kim we would be way behind and back in the 70's.. We hope to add more interesting things to the website weekly so stay tuned and check it all out.. 

06/22/12 06:12 PM #6    


Robyn Hawk (Coman)

Gave Kim some great pictures today from the 20th.  Any ideas of how we can get more folks to register anyone?  Great job David and Kim....kudos to the whole team!  

06/25/12 07:13 PM #7    


George Moore

We did a phone-call-athon today and have got 12 more good email address for our class, we plan on doing a mail out with snail mail tomorrow to complete our list that we currently have. Any ideas to find anyone else, please advise, and yes Thanks to Dave and Kim, and all the committee members..

06/28/12 11:02 AM #8    


Phyllis Hamilton (Johns)

Website looks great.  I appreciate the work you all have done to find classmates and plan the reunion.

06/28/12 06:03 PM #9    


George Moore

Everyone needs to check out Archeological Find photos from Dave Washington and Kim Guyer, some really neat photos of our history from downtown, its great and thanks to you both

07/04/12 06:52 PM #10    


Robyn Hawk (Coman)

Kim picked up some picture I had of the 20th.  Hope to see those posted soon!

Good Job Guys!

07/17/12 02:46 PM #11    

Ann Reed (Turner)

I hope that the Class of '72 continues to link together and grow far beyond the 40-Year Reunion! Be proud, be very proud (in an humble way, of course!).

08/01/12 08:45 PM #12    


Robyn Hawk (Coman)

We are only a few weeks out.  It is nice to see the registrations growing day by day!

08/07/12 06:16 PM #13    

John Robertson

I have to give a shout out to all of you who have given so much to this effort. You guys have done an amazing job with this. Thank you! I'm looking forward to personally thanking each of you at the reunion. John Robertson

08/10/12 04:48 PM #14    


Robyn Hawk (Coman)

The music Kim and David have added to the web-site should get everyone in the mood for the reunion!  Great down!

09/24/12 09:42 AM #15    


Cynthia (Cindy) Smith (Powell)

So excited!! Only a few days away from seeing everyone at our 40th!!

09/27/12 07:02 AM #16    


David Washington

George, Kim and DW headin' to Othello's!



10/01/12 04:17 PM #17    

Steven Wells

Hard to say something that doesn't sound redundant, but I still want to thank all of the Reunion Committee for a wonderful "re-gathering" of old classmates. Hard to imagine it unfolding any better than it did. One thing about these events, too, is one gains a tremendous sense of just how much living we all have done, and I appreciate all the stories of both joys AND sorrows shared thoughout the evening. It was a wonderful connecton with our own humanity, which we all had the chance to deepen and enrich. Plus....we just had a hell of a lot of fun!

And, thanks for naming me "Most Changed" and for the wonderful gift of the hand mirror. At middle age, having a "wide-angle" mirror when I clip my ear hair will be most useful!


10/04/12 07:37 PM #18    


Robyn Hawk (Coman)

Awesome job with the Othello's pictures.  Can't wait to see more.  One of the best weekends in a long time.  Loved seeing everyone.  Using maiden names: Pam Harders, Patty Cordray, Sheila Dahl, Sheila Smith, Jennifer Jones, Katrina Monroe, Anne Boulton, Missy, Debbie Bates, Winkie, Billy Nicaragua, John Hamilton, .in addition to spending time with the reunion group. George, Kim, David,  GaryVal, Karen, Nancy, Cindy, Missy,  Vicky,  Mary, Mimi.  We had a great group of people in our class!  Can't wait to do it again!

Robyn Hawk Coman

those that didn't come missed one heck of a good time

10/08/12 05:27 PM #19    


Cynthia (Cindy) Smith (Powell)

I agree with Robyn,,such a fun weekend re-connecting with our classmates!! The months planning was such fun too!! And lets not forget about dancing with my gal pals & our main man on the dance floor,,Dean Roberts!! Looking forward in 2 yrs to our mini reunion!

10/15/12 04:54 PM #20    


Bobby Hampton

Had a really great time seein' everybody again, just didn't seem to be enough time to do more than say a few words to every one as either they were passin' or I was! Am lookin' forward to the mini in a couple years!!! Thanks again and take care everybody!!!

10/17/12 08:28 PM #21    


Cynthia (Cindy) Smith (Powell)

Agree Bobby,,next we all need more chat time!!

01/12/13 05:00 PM #22    

Cindi Gustafson (Inman)

Thank you to all have sent birthday greetings!  It means so much to hear from you.  I have been spending the week in St. Louis with my 83 year old mom, celebrating our birthdays together.  It's been about 20 years since we've gotten to do this.  What a joy!!  Back home tomorrow.  Thanks again, and know you are all loved and remembered.



04/29/13 11:21 PM #23    


Teryl Percival (Spencer)

i enjoy seeing the pics and reading how classmates are doing. Thanks everyone for a great website! great to be connected.  Enjoyed the messages from you all last week!! cant believe we are saying good bye to our 50's next year!!


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